You might be a newbie learner or a software developer working in a software industry. You have seen many of your seniors or maybe juniors who can do better jobs than you. Why some of your developer colleagues can solve various programming problems easily which you can’t?

Every software developer wants to be a master on their battlefield. But to become a great software developer, you need to implement some things which you don’t do in your day to day development activities.

Following are characteristics which you should have to become a good software developer

  1. Observe the real-life problems
  2. Be versatile while working as a software developer
  3. Use StackOverflow to solve problems
  4. Make documentation of your work
  5. Continuous learning, continuous growth

Solve real-life problems using programming

Solving real life problem

Solving real-life problem

The success of every software developer comes out from the efforts they had taken while learning to program. Take a real-life problem and try to think, how can you solve some problem using programming? While solving problems, learn new concepts, try to implement them. Think how can you use those concepts to solve your problem? Make mistakes, correct that mistakes and never do the same again.

When you develop a solution for any real-life problem you are increasing the possibilities to stand out from the crowd. This thing not only will increase the experience as well as add more value to your portfolio. Your imagination will rule the world.

Be versatile while working as a software developer

Why become versatile? I have been seeing so many great developers in my whole life. They all have one thing in common – quick learning. Yes, quick learning. IT industry is evolving every day. New technologies roll out every day and some of them become the biggest trend. Every IT company uses various technologies and frameworks. Change is the most important factor in every person’s life. If you are not changing then you are not growing. But your growth should be always in a positive direction.

You will be kicked out of the race if you don’t adapt the changes and technologies. Sometime’s you need to work with more than three or four technologies. Assume you have knowledge of Java and SQL but you might need to work with C# and SQL. Assume there are no projects available on Java. At that time you need to work on other technologies. So be versatile, being master of one technology will give you some opportunities. But knowing and being able to work on more than one technology will open hundreds of opportunities. So be versatile, adapt the changes.

Use StackOverflow to solve your problems

As a newbie programmer, you should use like a pro. Whenever any errors come out in your console, just copy it and ask on StackOverflow. Try to become part of most popular programming website in the world. You will get hundreds of solution for your errors. By communicating with other programmers worldwide, you are increasing your network as well.

It is not a forum. You cannot post questions like “Am I a programmer?” StackOverflow is a website where you will share your programming knowledge in the form of solutions. It is built by programmers for a programmer.

Make documentation of your work

Software Documentation


You will learn and implement lots of new algorithms and frameworks. You should write step by step process which you followed in your notes. This will help you in future if you are going to work on the same thing again.

Make reusable function and use them in the variety of programs as you need. Use git repository to store your code. Try to develop your own reusable API. And in the end, develop its documentation too.

Old is gold. All your programs and documentation you developed in your previous projects will be useful in future. Having a reliable documentation will guide your work. You can write documentation about whatever you did while developing solution such server programming, architecture designing, your algorithms, flowcharts, some mathematical equations, etc. If your documentation is not looking pretty, it’s fine. But it has to be useful so that it will help you in long run.

Continuous learning, continuous growth

Continuous learning is the most important characteristic of every successful software developer. Programmers never stop learning about their field. They always hunt for the things which will make them more skilful person. The day on which you stop learning about the program, you will be kicked out from the company. All the software development companies pay for your quality work. Assume you know Java then try to know about other frameworks and programming languages as well and develop some cool project.  It will add more value to your resume.

Happy coding!

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